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Sunday, June 15, 2008 - New pictures and galleries at
It's been awhile since I've had any treats for those of you who are members of, my little section of my online presence where I put the stuff that is unsuitable for random perusal by just anyone.

I've added a bunch of photos from my recent outtings and events, and some RGIPP stuff, for those who know what that is...

There's also my complete review of a recent party. Here's an excerpt:
This was a night that was supposed to be "unlike any you have ever experienced". It was; it was horrible. The only redeeming factors were the excellent lighting by Guy Smith, and the music by Manny Lehman, which was good, but not outstanding.

So, if you wanna see all the good stuff, get your free passwords for It's simple. I ask for just a little bit of information about you, and you'll get more information about me. But, it's not an automated process. I'll review each and every request, before giving access. But, I encourage you to request!

So, get your password for access to, now.

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