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Thursday, May 08, 2003 -
Wow. I guess it's been awhile. is mostly an email address for me, I guess. It's a good email address, mind you, but, this Web page is quite unnecessary for some email addresses. Anyhow, hi again. I'm here, alive, and the infamous GOTA is still going, and going, and going, and not powered by any certain brand of battery.

A couple of notes: New car, new time, old lack of life. Yep. Crashed it, totalled it, and generally messed it up. So, it's history. Welcome to new bananamobile GOTA vehicle. It's a 2002 New Beetle GLX Turbo. SWEET! I like it. It's bright yellow, and it MOOOOVVVVEEEESSS! And, new time. Got canned from afternoons, so, now doing a mornings schtick, and, well, that's okay, but, quite early! And, still a lack of life. Never seem to have time. Can't even get the laundry done. Or the house clean. Or a decent relationship. Or even any decent regular friends. UGH.

Life goes on. And so must I. Now. So, see ya, some other time.

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