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Friday, September 05, 2003 -
I ran across this article this morning, and I believe that it is SO on target, that I had to share it with you.

Steve Russo put it this way: " recent days, the Church's Great Commission has taken a back seat to pursuing other goals. Ridding the country of abortion and pornography, counseling believers in the merits of self-esteem, having good relationships, and so on... Now those are lofty goals, but they are not the primary focus of the church. Unfortunately, our well meaning pursuit of those other goals, may have tuned Christ's body into as some has said, '...the largets and most important special interest group in the country...'"

I'm tired of Christians that do little to "love thy neighbor" and are more interested in boycotts and verbal bashing. I don't care what you think about gay marriage, or porn. Love me. Accept me in your church. That's what Christ calls you to do. And to me, Christ calls the same. I've got to love even those misguided Christians, and try my best not to judge them.

Read the article. It's worth it.

Passionate Boycotting, by Michael Janke

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