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Tuesday, May 18, 2004 -
Official SUBWAY Restaurants' Web Site

Hey! Kudos to Subway. Here's why:

At my new place of employment, there is a Subway right across the street. So, I head there often for lunch. Yes, I know, I really should be bringing a lunch from home. But, we're just getting life back in order. Not all is in order YET. The home-made meals are coming.

In any case, I head over, and grab a Veggie Delite sandwich. It's been costing me $3.99 for the foot-long version. One day, I'm eating my sandwich, and notice that the message board says that the sandwich should only be costing me $3.49. After deciding that it can't be a tax issue, I ask the clerk, Marcos, who I've learned used to be the manager, about it. He says, "Oh, well the sign is wrong. The computer is right. It's $3.99." Right then and there he promptly pulls the sign off the board, gets out numbers, and changes the price. The whole time, I'm still standing there, mouth somewhat agape, watching. Finally he looks up at me and asks, "What do you want? Your fifty cents?"

He sighs is disgust, and finally hands me two quarters.

Ever since the incident, he frown, and scowls at me each time I visit, which is 3 or 4 times a week...

Then the other day, I was in the Subway. I notice that one of the large window static-cling is no longer on the window, and is laying flat on a table.

Finally, I go to Marcos and ask him whether the sign is waiting to be put up, or being taken down. He says that it's been taken down. So I ask him for it, so that I might put it on the window in my office. He says that he cannot give it to me, as Subway keeps the signs for reuse.

I go away, not terribly disappointed, and he promptly comes out and removes the sign, taking it into the back. It's over, as far as I'm concerned, until I see the door to the back opened a few minutes later, and I see a trash can in the office area. In the top of the trash can? You guessed it. The sign.

It made me so mad, that I called the "Comments" line, and left a message, along with my telephone number. Well, 4 days later, today, a man identifying himself as the Subway district manager called me. He asked about the situation. I explained to him that I was not mad about fifty cents, nor some silly sign. But, I did tell him that I didn't like the attitude, dishonestly, and upcharging done by Marcos.

I have been informed that Marcos will no longer be managing my location.

Who knows. Neither incident was a big deal. But, as the district manager pointed out, there was no reason to lie about the sign. The DM wouldn't have given me the sign, either, but said he would have just noted that Subway policy doesn't allow them to give out the signs to the customer.

Anyway, I'm glad to know that Marcos is no longer at my store. And, whether my "comments" had anything to do with it, I'll never know. But, I'll still cheerfully give them my money, I guess.

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