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Thursday, September 02, 2004 -
I've gotta admit it. Sometimes I think I really do understand people, but some days, I'm just sure I don't have the first clue.

This morning, I got some dreaded news, that I really had kinda been expecting. But, it was very depressing to hear, nonetheless. (Email me if you just HAVE to know what it's about...) So, I called a couple friends, one of which I ended up being very supportive to, on the phone, all the time. When I got a hold of him, he was of no use whatsoever, almost making light and fun of the situation. That baffles me.

The other friend I called (Brian, mentioned here before) was awesome. Yes, he tried to cheer me up, but he was also concerned and didn't just blow me off. Kudos to him (if he even likes them).

Other people on the "I'm-Confused-About-People" list include a guy I met a couple of weeks ago. He's really nice, and we had a great time hanging out. But, now, all communication has stopped, and that seems to directly contradict what he told me when we were hanging out.

You may have noticed the GuyOnTheAir Poll in the left hand column, too. While the poll may occasionally change, I haven't had a huge response to it, so far. But, I'm confused. Why would people take the time and trouble to come to and click around enough to vote in the poll, only to NOT want to see pictures of me? The poll is intended to get your feedback, but do people think I'm that ugly, or what do they think when they say they DON'T wanna see pictures? It's not particularly what I expected.

I guess I'm finding that people can rarely be relied upon. I've always tended to believe that if you want something done right, then you had better to it yourself. But, I like to have those around me I can count on for different needs, or emotional patterns. Seems like most of those people are failing me, lately.

Well, and that just stinks.

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