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Monday, October 04, 2004 -
Well, I bought an XM Radio awhile back. But, I've started having trouble. And there seems to be no solutions. Here's what I've recently written to XM, hoping to get a response. We'll see.

I'm quite frustrated with my XM experience by this point, and I feel very mislead. Here's why:

First off, I like my XM radio service. In fact, I wanted to add another radio to my service. I wanted the XM PCR. There it is, on your Web site. Yet, no dealers you list even have stock. And most dealers say that it's been quietly discontinued. So, why does the Web site still list it as an option? That's frustrating, and quite misleading.

Secondly, I've purchased an XM Roadie. I filled out and completed an offer for a free home kit, one of the main reasons I decided to buy the radio in the first place. I was assured that I would recieve it within 8 weeks. Well, it's been much longer than that. First off, the rebate company took over a month of "verify" my rebate status. Now, they tell me that they ran out of home kits and don't know when they're getting more. And nobody at the rebate place or at 1800-XMRadio has any solution. That's frustrating, and quite misleading.

Finally, my Roadie has not been without trouble. A little button completely broke off. So, I called for a replacement. Delphi says they can't send a replacement until they receive your old radio. So, we're talking like 2 or more weeks of downtime on this "warrantee service."
Upon getting a new radio, and waiting that time without any XM service, the antenna has become a problem. Now I have to send it back, and yes, I have no service again, until I get my old antenna to them, and they send a new one back. And there's nothing anyone at Delphi can do to get me a replacement radio or help me quickly. I have to wait. That's quite frustrating, and for a warrantee, misleading.

Who do I talk to? Does anyone care?



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