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Wednesday, October 06, 2004 - XM is wringing their hands, and trying to wash them, too.
Well, XM responded, by wringing their hands, and claiming it's not their responsibility.

Here it is:

On Oct 5, 2004, at 8:52 PM, wrote:

Dear Guy

Thank you for contacting XM Satellite Radio. We apologize for the delay in our response.

First of all, we certainly understand your frustration with these matters. Please accept our apologies for your inconvenience. However, XM has decided to discontinue the PCR and no more units are under construction. This product is a bit over a year old and never became a major factor in our retail sales.

XM will launch XM Online within the next few weeks. This new streaming service allows you to subscribe to 68 commercial free music stations and a number of the new, talk and information stations including XM Public Radio with Bob Edwards.

We feel that streaming is much more useful way for customers to get our content on their computers and nohardware purchase is required.

Secondly, XM does not directly sell or provide equipment of any kind. At the Listener Care Center we do not sell, replace, or process rebates for equipment, we assist with XM service, billing, and general inquiries. Please accept our apologies for your inconvenience, but you will need to consult with RebatesHQ regarding your free Roady home kit. Please attempt to contact Rebates HQ at or call 1-888-465-4692 toll-free.

And lastly, we are sorry to hear about the problems with your radio. However you are not experiencing a service issue, you have a hardware issue and in order to have it resolved you would need to go through Delphi.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at 1-800-XM RADIO. As always please visit us at website for more information on how to save money with our multi-year packages.

Listener Care Representatives provide amazing care in dealing with activations, general inquires, trouble shooting and billing care services from:

Monday - Saturday: 6AM - 2 AM EST
Sunday: 8AM - 8 PM EST

Best Regards
Carl Gordon
XM Listener Care

Well, anyway, I responded:

Dear Carl:

Perhaps you don't understand what I'm trying to say here. I'll try to reiterate my points, so that they may be passed on appropriately to a person who can take action on them.

First off, regarding the XM PCR, if it is no longer available, then why is it still marked as for sale on your Web site? The XM Web site is updated regularly, and even includes information about the new Bob Edwards Show. But, one of the ways listed to listen to Bob Edwards is to purchase an XM PCR. Why, if current information about the BE Show can be placed on the XM Web site, can the incorrect, old information about the XM PCR not be taken down?

Next, I understand that XM does not directly sell or provide equipment. However, it's a chicken and egg problem. XM has agreements with manufacturers and even rebate companies to provide equipment and rebates. If those companies are not providing the services, equipment, or rebates, that is STILL an XM problem. Without the equipment, XM cannot exist, because nobody will be able to listen to programming. As I tried to explain earlier, RebatesHQ is not responding to inquiries regarding the home kit, or makes up a new excuse each time, even lying to customers about the status of their rebate. Depending on when you call and who you speak with, you get told that your kit already shipped weeks ago, is not available due to backorder, is still being processed, or will be sent out immediately. None of these responses actually help the consumer, or XM customer. XM is advertising their service, the radios of various manufacturers, AND rebates. Again, I repeat, XM is advertising these things. So, it is, and always has been, an XM problem. Passing off the consumer on companies HIRED BY XM, companies that refuse to resolve the problems, is VERY poor, and shows a complete and utter lack of care for the consumer.

Finally, you note that you are sorry about the problems with my radio. And you note that I am not experiencing a service issue. May I remind you that if I cannot get the XM service due to the incompetence, or poor policies of a company hired by XM to provide me the hardware, then again, it's still an XM problem.

As a consumer, I DON'T CARE why I can't get my XM service or parts. I DON'T CARE why my rebates don't come through. I signed up for XM service and want it. Anything that stands in the way, no matter what company or facility is involved, is the problem, and, when it all boils down, is the responsibility of XM.

Perhaps in the Customer Care department you are not equipped to deal with any concerns other than activations and billing. If not, I suggest you escalate this letter to corporate management of XM, so that action may be taken. That you are not equipped to deal with and solve my problems is not of my concern. I want these issues resolved, and I don't care if you personally are unable to do it. Find someone who can.

Thank you.


Geof Greenway

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