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Thursday, January 20, 2005 - Luna Candles - Color Changing Candles
Every gay man has to have his cadre of candles to color his cloister. But, what better than a COOL candle that actually changes colors?

Enter Luna Candles. The company sells candles that have embedded LEDs inside. When you light the candle, immediately, it senses this, and starts to illuminate the inside of the candle, in a whole rainbow of colors.

Check out the video on the Luna Candles Web site. It's pretty cool. I'd have bought about 10 of these for my house right now if I wasn't so broke. But, if you wanna, feel free to get some for me, or for my upcoming birthday...

(I have it on good authority that if you use the coupon code "forumers" when you buy, you'll save 15%. What a bargain!)

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