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Tuesday, May 24, 2005 - Well, now my TV is, um, so messed up...
Those of you that actually know me, know that I've been excited, because I can get into TV again. I don't have cable (well, not really), but can get most stations over the air. I also don't have TiVo, and it's not part of the budget.

But, a new way to get my TV emerged. It's called BitTorrent, and it's a way to download episodes from some of your closest friends online, after they've aired.

I don't see anything illegal, or even morally wrong about this. The broadcast companies pump this into your home for free. You can record it to your VCR, your TiVo, use your DVD burner or what have you, and you now have a copy of the show, for free, to watch when you want. I just happen to download a copy that someone else has already recorded, free, off the air, or through their cable.

It was wonderful. I'd start downloading the previous night's TV the next morning, and was able to catch a lot of shows I might otherwise have not been able to.

Enter the MPAA. The complete idiots at this "organization" went after sites that listed the TV episodes for download. And now, well, it's harder to download my tv. Not impossible, but just different. Mind you, the MPAA stopped about 8 sites from offering a link to the downloads, but, um, about 300 new sites have popped up in their place... They're just not as organized and nice as some of the old sites.

In any case, I had become a TV watcher again, because I could watch a show on my own time. It was like my internet TiVo. Of course, the MPAA is crying foul, and accusing me of being an illegitimate, but, for now, I don't really care.

My solution? Well, there's about 1 or 2 episodes left of most of my favorite shows. And, after I get those shows done, I guess I'll have to go back to being a guy that doesn't watch much TV. I don't have time to sit around at home every evening to watch TV. So, I guess they'll lose me as a TV consumer.

A couple things, though. ABC has had some good shows this season... Boston Legal, Desperate Housewives, Eyes, and even Grey's Anatomy. But, of course, they've futzed around with Boston Legal, finally renewing it for another season, but not even finishing this season properly. And, now they've cancelled Eyes, another great show, that only got about 6 episodes on the air. And that sucks.

Well, Boston Legal, probably my favorite show, will be back next season, but Eyes is dead. Unless this petition site can get them to bring it back. I'd appreciate your help in this. I wanna see more!

Oh, but, I guess I'll have to set my VCR to record. I can't simply just download, anymore, supposedly.

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