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Tuesday, September 27, 2005 - 1:30 p.m. - Transmitter Site, DEVERS, Texas
(To figure out what's happening, you'll likely want to start reading the post titled "And so begins an adventure...", and work your way backwards up the page. --Guy)

• I'm leaving, for a shower, at least.

Well, I recieved sort of a surprise when I Robert showed up for the day, and had brought enough stuff to stay over, if needed. So, with him on site, I gathered all my stuff to load up the Jeep Liberty, and headed into town for my shower.

Looking down at the transmitter site, from the tower.

Nobody seemed to know whether I was leaving Houston or not that day. My plane ticket said I was leaving, but nobody seemed to know whether I would be truly leaving, or whether my ticket would be changed. I sort of figured I'd be staying longer, but as a precaution, I packed up ALL of belongings, just in case plans changed.

Inside the TX Site

I snapped a few more pictures of the place, and then headed out; back down the road that was still open, thanks to the power lines holding the trees. I made it out to the main highway, and headed towards Houston. All along the way, I'd find places that I wanted to stop to eat, or get something, but everything was still without power, and many places were boarded up to protect them. Quite a few people seemed to be out and about, but few businesses were open. Finally after about 30 miles, the power seemed to be back on, but I kept trucking, planning to meet Mike near his home, so he could take me there and I could shower.

About 3 p.m. I arrived at the designated meeting spot, a Lowe's near Mike's home. Mike wasn't there yet, so I stopped at the nearby Kentucky Fried Chicken, and had the first real food I'd had in days, some mac'n'cheese and a big mess of mashed potatoes. They really hit the spot.

Once Mike arrived, I went to his house, met his wife and child, and then took the shower. It's been awhile since I lived in a place where you can't dry off, and where you feel almost as wet outside of the shower as you do inside. But, it did feel great to get washed up. Mike and his wife were worried for a bit about the trash that was collecting in the streets. It was trash day, but the truck hadn't been around on time. But, finally it did arrive, but conveniently left any of the "natural rubbage" like tree branches and the such, still there at the curb.

When I got done with my shower, I learned that it had finally been decided. I would be returning home that night. It's a good thing I'd brought my junk from the transmitter site.

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