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Saturday, September 24, 2005 - 8:42 p.m. -VENTURA, Calif.
(To figure out what's happening, you'll likely want to start reading the post titled "And so begins an adventure...", and work your way backwards up the page. --Guy)

• Receive call from my boss: "Make sure you call back [the vice president of our company] as soon as you can. They may need you to fly to Texas."

I'd had a fun day with my friend Jarrod and his friend Holly. We'd gone to a pirate fair, just outside of Ojai (pronounced O-high), kind of like a renaissance festival, but with pirates. Aaaaarrrrrgh!

It was interesting, and fun at the same time, and there were little food booths, and sales booths, cannon demonstrations, and lots of people dressed like pirates, or, ladies that pirates might like (to say it gently). I really enjoyed it, although I'm already thinking that I might have burned the back of my neck a bit.

Post-pompous-pirate-puffery, we headed to Ventura to grab a bit to eat, and hang out some more. We went to the harbor, walked along the piers, grabbed some fish and chips (I had a salad and fries, here), and then headed for Paddy's. Paddy's is a throwback to an Irish pub, and here's where the fun began.

Right before we got in, I was talking on one phone, and received a call from a (713) number on the other phone. I didn't know what number that might be, so ignored it, and forgot anyone had even called. And then my boss called.

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