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Tuesday, September 27, 2005 - 9:05 p.m. - IAH, HOUSTON, Texas
(To figure out what's happening, you'll likely want to start reading the post titled "And so begins an adventure...", and work your way backwards up the page. --Guy)

•After a great dinner, I take off for Los Angeles.

After some relaxing and some Sunny D at Mike's house, we headed out to grab a couple of things at the studios, and then get me to the airport. On the way we stop for some excellent Mexican food. It's awesome, and I have a quesadilla, and a big veggie burrito.

We head to the airport where Mike drops me, off, and I get my stuff checked, and wait for the plane.

The flight leaves shortly after 9:05, and I get to LA close at 10:25. (Don't forget the time change.) I collect all my gear and discover that my giant duffle bag has become torn. So, I turn in a claim for a damaged bag. I'm given a certificate for $25 off my next continental flight. As I doubt I'll be flying Continental any time soon again, if you need $25 off, this coupon is tranferable...

The shuttle picks me up for Parking Lot C, and the shuttle driver asks where I'm parked. I don't really have any good ideas, so end up letting the guy make a full drive of the parking lot, until I recognize the area, and realize where I've parked.

My home bed feels so comfortable, after the cot. I fall asleep, only to sleep through much of Wednesday. I guess I'll return to work on Thursday!

So, that was my exciting experience. I hope that it's been fun reading.

gawd...definitely was an interesting long exactly were you there? It was awesome they tried to treat you well down there (considering).
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