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Wednesday, December 13, 2006 - So, I got a voicemail box, for this?
I love getting voicemail messages, mostly because I like hearing from my friends and people who care. This is NOT one of those times, however. And note, this is X-rated, but still amusing to me...

Anyway, so the way I figure, you might as well call me here in Los Angeles and leave your own message. 323-472-4908. Perhaps there'll be a special prize for creative messages, or profound messages, or something like that. 323-472-4908. And, I think I'll post some of the best messages here on the blog.

And spread the number around. 323-472-4908. Are you a secret admirer? Call me. 323-472-4908. I don't care. 323-472-4908. Dial away!

Call me...

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