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Wednesday, June 27, 2007 -
Well, there are times I wish to write about something, but I don't want to post it here. Why? Well, there are some things that I might like to say that the whole world doesn't need to know. They're not secrets, necessarily, but I just don't feel like letting everyone see them, without my consent. But, I do want some people to see them...

So, enter This will be an additional blog. And, if I know something, it'll probably be updated less frequently than the history of this blog has shown. But, it'll be a place where I can truly speak my mind, and not censor myself, and know that it's safe, unless I want you to see it.

Yep, will be where all the juicy stuff goes. And, if you've already clicked it, you've encountered a problem: you need a password to access it.

Fear not. We have a solution. I'm giving away passwords for It's simple. I ask for just a little bit of information about you, and you'll get more information about me. But, it's not an automated process. I'll review each and every request, before giving access. But, I encourage you to request!

So, get your password for access to the new, now.


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