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Tuesday, May 26, 2009 - Prop 8 but a dying gasp...
Let us hereby be reminded, before sadness and frustration overwhelm once more: Proposition 8 and its ilk are merely the last, fitful gasps of a long-dying ideology, markers of a certain kind of sad, conservative desperation. They are the final clawings and scrapings of a reactionary worldview that attempts to outlaw and punish all it cannot, will not understand. Same as it ever was, really.

One of the parts of this article that is great is a comment made by a 60 year old white haired woman:
If I remember correctly, Jesus said, "Love one another." He didn't specify gender nor whom you should. Those words came from a man who hung out with twelve disciples and a prostitute. He never married nor had children. I look forward to the time in our lives when this will be a footnote in our history. Hold on.

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