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Sunday, April 17, 2011 - QR Codes
I've recently become fascinated with QR Codes, those things that look like this:


These little guys are like awesome bar codes, and can contain all kinds of information.  The one above contains the link to this blog, for example.  QR stands for Quick Response.

More complicated QR Codes, meaning that the random dots are more dense, etc., can contain all kinds of information.  If you overdo it, as noted here, you'll end up with something like this:
That's up to 1852 characters of information.  And, I can hardly hold my phone still enough for it to even read this code properly.

But, it seems that QR Codes are popping up everywhere.  In fact, on my business email account, I've gone to putting a QR Code in the signature that contains my complete contact information.

QR Code Readers, such as found in the App Stores of iPhones (try QR Scanner or QR Reader for iPhone), Android (try Barcode Scanner), and PCs & Macs (try Desktop QR Code Reader), can see these codes, and respond accordingly.  If it's a Web address, the scanner app will ask you if you want to open it in a Web browser.  If it's contact information, your scanning software might ask you to add it to your Address Book or Contacts.  On Android, you can even create a QR Code for a wireless network, telling the device the name of the network, or SSID, and the wireless key or encryption key needed to join that network.  And, since it's all embedded in the QR Code, you don't even have to give the password out! has a simple QR Code generator, that you can create whatever you'd like, and save a copy for whatever you'd like to use it for.  They'll even host the QR Codes you create, like the one above. also has a bunch of handy tools, and a QR Code Generator.

So get to it.  Download a QR Code Reader today, and try this QR Code first!

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