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Monday, May 09, 2011 - Mac Antivirus products
The Mac media is all atwitter with talk of viruses coming to the Mac.  Although one pundit took a few moments to point out that they've been talking of Apple malware for at least 6 years.  

In any case, I thought I'd go over a couple of free choices for Mac Antivirus, for those users who you know will get something.  I've also put a couple well-known paid versions at the bottom.

PC Tools iAntiVirus -
    This tool is perhaps well-known in some circles, but even the Web site notes a 2008 copyright date, and many believe the program hasn't been updated since then, either.  I've installed on my machine for a couple years, and it's never really done anything.  NOT recommended.

ClamXav -
    ClamAV has long been a staple of opensource PC antivirus, and there's been a Mac version for some time that uses the same engine as the PC versions.  I've had this on my home machine for a couple of years, and while I've never gotten any viruses, I also don't know if I would've gotten them without it.  I have used the software repeatedly to scan files that I've downloaded for questionable sources, and no other Mac or PC antivirus has ever argued with what ClamXav had to say!  I do like that definitions files and such appear to be regularly updated.

Sophos Antivirus for Mac Home Edition -
    With the recent "outbreaks" of virus problems, almost every article on the topic ends up quoting something from Sophos.  Of course, Sophos is also hanging out the welcome banner with this free versino of their software for Mac.  Sophos is a respected name in antivirus, so this might be a good pick.

For some paid products:

Symantec Endpoint Protection - $? -
    Came out earlier last year, about the same time that Norton End-of-lifed the Mac SAV version.  Newer, and who knows, may work.  Must have SEP license, as client is included on SEP grand install DVD.

Norton Antivirus for Mac - $49.95 -
    Because this isn't SEP, folks, really.  And a long URL means it's good!

Avast Mac Edition - $39.95 -
    Avast Home Edition seems to work fine on PCs, and isn't as obtrusive there as products like AVG Free.  If the Mac product is similar, then, okay.  And Apple links to it in their software store!  But, $40 is more than I'll pay.

VirusBarrierX6 - $49.95 -
    Been around for quite awhile, and believes itself to be "the best antivirus for Macintosh."  Also includes a ShamWow and registry cleaner, and for a limited time, includes a magnetic bracelet guaranteed to charm your socks off!  Has an annoying interface, but MacWorld liked it, in 2008.

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