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Wednesday, August 11, 2004 -
Bens Bargains

I can buy more stuff I probably shouldn't, quicker than anyone I know, except of course, women. I've never been a fashion whore, and so I don't buy too many clothes, or things like that. BUt, I love my tech gadgets, and cool computer things, and cool little electronic toys. And my friends know this about me, too. The other night I was out with Brian and we saw a guy with this cool looking flashlight toy thing. Brian saw it, and saw me looking at it. So, he asked "how long until yours gets here in the mail?" See, he knows I wanted one, and that I'd probably order it online, too.

A lot of times, the thrill of the hunt is as exciting as actually purchasing something. Regularly, I check sites such as Bens Bargains, the Hot Deals forum at Anandtech, TechBargains, and Hot Deals Club. I find some great deals on stuff there. The problem is, I usually don't know I need it, before I find a great deal on it at one of those Web sites...

But, I guess it's a hobby. I like finding good deals, whether at the local shopping establishment, or online. And it's funny. I've purchases hundreds of things online over the years, and never had any problems with fraud, or anything like that. So, I think I'm gonna get back to my deal hunting. Join me.

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